02 and 03 of June Maratona Caixa do Rio de Janeiro / Family Run. In 2018’s Maratona do Rio, the Marvelous City Challenge will offer to the long distance lovers an unprecedented experience. Runners will be able to participate in the Olympikus Half Marathon (21km) on Saturday, June 2nd, and run the 42km on Sunday, June 3rd. All riders who complete both races will receive an exclusive Challenge Medal.

Venue: Praça do Pontal do Tim Maia – Aterro do Flamengo. More information: Maratona

12 and 13 of June Brazil Solar Power 2018. BSP has become the most important congress of the photovoltaic sector in Brazil. Among its participants, 64% are strong influencer and decision makers in their companies – project developers, equipment manufacturers, EPCs, etc. With a rich and wide agenda, the BSP congress brings important national and international executives, as well as the authorities of the Brazilian electric sector (EPE, ONS, CCEE, Aneel and MME).
Venue: SulAmerica Convention Center. More information: Brazil Solar Power 2018
June 27th to 29th RIDEX – Rio Internacional Defense Exhibition. RIDEX – Rio International Defense Exhibition was created with the goal of uniting professionals of the Defense, Security and Offshore sectors. Our intention is to show how the armed forces has advanced in the military and civilian fields by integrating industry with academic activities and research centers.

RIDEX is a fair promoted and organized by EMGEPROM. It will bring together military authorities, government officials and executives of several companies to discuss opportunities and challenges faced by industries in this segment.

Throughout the three days of the event there will be symposiums, round table discussions and dynamic lectures. Outside, there will be demonstrations of boats, ships and airplanes on the Guanabara Bay.
Venue: Pier Mauá. More information: RIDEX 2018

August 01 to 09 International Congress of Mathematicians 2018 (ICM 2018). The late nineteenth century was a remarkable period in the history of the sciences. Mathematics, in particular, saw the emergence of a series of discoveries ranging from the logical foundations of the discipline to traditional areas, such as algebra and geometry.

It was in this context that in 1897 was held the first edition of the International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM). On this occasion were formulated the objectives that guide the event until today: foster contact between mathematicians from different countries; present recent advances in the area; and promote cooperation on several fronts.

Throughout the years, ICM has been a privileged stage for world mathematics. From the scientific point of view, the discussions and expositions in these conferences have helped disseminate new areas of research and foster meaningful exchanges. In some cases, such Hilbert’s famous lecture at the 1900 conference, events at ICM have ended up influencing the development of mathematics for decades to come.

ICM has also been an important instrument for the internationalization of mathematics. The conference was able to overcome the contentions raised by the First World War (in 1932) and the difficulties of communication between the two sides of the iron curtain (from 1957).

In recent years, ICM has sought to facilitate the participation of mathematicians from developing countries. The International Mathematical Union (IMU) is the body that brings together the mathematical societies from countries around the world; it grew out of the ICMs and manages the current editions of the conference.

Nowadays, the International Congress of Mathematicians is the undisputed world’s premier forum for presenting and discussing new mathematical discoveries. In 2018, it will be 121 years that have passed since the first conference and Rio de Janeiro’s turn to welcome participants from around the world, in the 28th ICM.

Our goal is to do justice to this history and at the same time to further the success of this series of events – expanding knowledge, exchanging experiences, and fostering an awareness of mathematics in a broad and innovative way. The joy, receptiveness and professionalism of Brazilians will make the Rio de Janeiro ICM a memorable experience far beyond the realm of mathematics.
Venue: Riocentro Exhibition & Convention Center. More information: International Congress of Mathematicians 2018 (ICM 2018)

August 14-16 MARINTEC SOUTH AMERICA – 15th EDIÇÃO. As part of the UBM/Seatrade portfolio, the global leader organizer of maritime events, Marintec South America is s a must attend trade-show for anyone who wants to stay ahead in the maritime market.
Venue: SulAmerica Convention Center. More information: MARINTEC SOUTH AMERICA
27-30 August The 16th International Conference on Carbon Dioxide Utilization. The ICCDU XVI will be organized under the seal of the Brazilian Catalysis Society (SBCat).

The main focus of the conference is “Sustainability through CO2 Utilization” and will encompasses six topics: Thermal and Catalytic Conversion of CO2 into Fuels and Chemicals; CO2 Conversion by Electrochemical, Photochemical, Plasma-Induced and other non-Conventional Energy Sources; CO2 Conversion by Biotechnological Routes; CO2 Capture Processes; CO2 as Working Agent; Policies, Regulations, Life Cycle Analysis, Economic, Environmental and Social Aspects of Sustainable CO2 Utilization.

The International Conference on Carbon Dioxide Utilization occurs since 1991 in a different part of the globe. It is the first time that this traditional event will take place in Latin America. Since 2015, the event occurs annually. ICCDU is the most famous academic conference on carbon dioxide capture, utilization and strategy related aspects. The climate changes presently faced by the planet point out for the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions in the forthcoming years. Therefore, CO2 utilization will play a major role in the efforts of the society towards a more sustainable world.
Venue: SulAmerica Convention Center. More information: ICCDU XVI

04 to 07 October 2018 International Dance Festival of Rio . The International Dance Festival of Rio makes its debut in the City to promote opportunities for learning, professional experience and technical and artistic growth.

With national and international judges and professors, the FIDR comes to move Rio de Janeiro and embrace the dance community, bringing knowledge, study possibilities of national and international scope, as well as awards to the highlights of its Competitive Exhibition.
Venue: Convention Center of the SENAI Innovation Institute on Green Chemistry. More information: International Dance Festival of Rio

November Zytrons – Planet of Andromeda. Zytrons, idealized by Roberto Medina is aimed at the children’s youth audience. The event is expected to bring together international and national attractions.
The festival, which will take place during three weekends and with 24 major musical attractions.
The new festival aims to mix music, games, entertainment and social-environmental discussions with an alien theme. toys, such as zipline and roller coaster, will be used during the Zytrons.
In addition to the shows, Zytrons will have Cirque du Soleil and Ice Skating arenas, as well as an artificial snow mountain for skiing.
Venue: Barra da Tijuca Olympic Park.
November 26th to 28th Rio Water Week. This event, already held in other countries such as Sweden and Singapore, will bring together professionals and companies from Brazil and other countries, will also involve the academic community, experts and international organizations to discuss water in its broader conception, public policies and solutions and technologies in Brazil and around the world, focusing on UN Sustainable Development Goal 6: WATER AND SEWAGE FOR ALL UNTIL 2030!
Venue: Riocentro Exhibition & Convention Center. More information: Rio Water Week