April 14-22 Rio Boat Show 2018. The Rio Boat Show celebrated 20 years once again at Marina da Glória, a perfect place to celebrate and fulfill dreams.
Venue: Marina da Glória. More information: Rio Boat Show 2018
15th to 18th of April FAUBAI 2018 Conference in Rio de Janeiro. “The FAUBAI – Brazilian Association for International Education invites you to the FAUBAI 2018 Conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the most important event on internalization of higher education in South America.
It will focus on the relation between internationalization and research, the challenges and strategies to implement comprehensive internationalization policies and the attractiveness of Brazilian research.
The conference will offer a unique opportunity to meet partners and some of the most important players and experts in the field as well as also to improve the knowledge of international policies and programs.

Venue: Centro de Convenções SulAmérica. More information: FAUBAI 2018 Conference in Rio de Janeiro

May 24-26 Green Rio 2018. Green Rio has been established as an international event and the 2017 edition, with the participation of Germany, France, CEAL (Latin American Business Council) and the Central American Bank for Economic Integration is an indicator of this position.
A total of 2873 people and 74 exhibitors at the fair were present at Green Rio / Green Latin America 2017 in Marina da Glória, Rio de Janeiro. Visitors and exhibitors from twelve countries, twice the number of nations compared to 2016, represented an increase of about 10% in the number of attendees compared to the previous edition.
Venue: Marina da Glória. More information: Green Rio 2018
02 and 03 of June Maratona Caixa do Rio de Janeiro / Family Run. In 2018’s Maratona do Rio, the Marvelous City Challenge will offer to the long distance lovers an unprecedented experience. Runners will be able to participate in the Olympikus Half Marathon (21km) on Saturday, June 2nd, and run the 42km on Sunday, June 3rd. All riders who complete both races will receive an exclusive Challenge Medal.

Venue: Praça do Pontal do Tim Maia – Aterro do Flamengo. More information: Maratona

November Zytrons – Planet of Andromeda. Zytrons, idealized by Roberto Medina is aimed at the children’s youth audience. The event is expected to bring together international and national attractions.
The festival, which will take place during three weekends and with 24 major musical attractions.
The new festival aims to mix music, games, entertainment and social-environmental discussions with an alien theme. toys, such as zipline and roller coaster, will be used during the Zytrons.
In addition to the shows, Zytrons will have Cirque du Soleil and Ice Skating arenas, as well as an artificial snow mountain for skiing.
Venue: Barra da Tijuca Olympic Park.